About Stockyard Hill

The project consists of 157 approved wind turbines located approximately 35 km west of Ballarat. The Stockyard Hill Wind Farm has the potential to harness one of Victoria’s best wind resources and will provide substantial environmental, community and economic benefits. We are currently working towards completing the planning permit conditions.

The Project

The Minister for Planning has approved the planning applications for the proposed Stockyard Hill Wind Farm.

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Stockyard Hill Wind Farm recognises the importance of community consultation and encourages the community to have their say...

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Stockyard Hill Wind Farm will contribute a sustainable form of energy to the national electricity market.

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Network Connection

Origin has received approval for a terminal station site to the south of Lismore in February 2013.

The terminal station site provides the connection point for renewable energy generated at the Stockyard Hill Wind Farm to the national electricity grid.

  • Project news

    • Origin Energy is currently investigating  options that might result in greater project efficiency, whilst adhering to all permit condition previously granted and abiding by current wind farm planning guidelines.

      The change would require agreement from participating landowners, neighbours living within two kilometres of a proposed wind tower and approval from the State Government.

      Origin is continuing to investigate both options for the project and will not be making a decision until further information is available.