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External Overhead Powerlines

The proposed external overhead powerlines are proposed to extend approximately 75 km (in total length) between the wind farm and the terminal station (south of Lismore). The closest regional towns to external overhead powerlines are Lismore and Skipton.

The alignment primarily traverses private properties, with the main land use being agriculture, including cropping and livestock. Dwellings in the surrounding area are associated with farming or rural living lots.

Rows of planted trees are a common feature of the locality, with a number of creek watercourses traversing the landscape. Protected vegetation is generally limited to road reserves with some areas of private land hosting vegetation and potential habitat for protected fauna.

The topography of the route is gently undulating with creek valley systems dissecting the area, draining generally southwards. The alignment runs along some creek lines and water courses including Mount Emu Creek and Mundy Gully, and will traverse the following:

  • Mount Emu Creek
  • Mundy Gully
  • Browns Waterholes
  • Haunted Gully
  • Oddie Swamp
  • 18 unnamed waterways and 3 unnamed waterbodies