Community Investment Program

SHWF is interested in investing in programs and initiatives that benefit the local community; or local community groups who conduct activities that help build sustainable communities. Applications for investment will be reviewed biannually, in April and October of each year. Any applications submitted throughout the year will be saved and reviewed at these times. Please contact us if you would like to withdraw your application at any time.
SHWF will consider supporting projects and organisations which contribute to one or more of the following:

  • Skills, education and training

  • Community safety, health and wellbeing

  • Sustainable population growth

  • Natural resource stewardship

  • Community events and activities that promote and enhance community connection


We welcome applications supporting:

  • Projects and organisations that provide benefits and shared value
    to the communities within the project area (Beaufort, Skipton and Lismore)

  • Projects and organisations which fall within one of the SHWF
    priority areas listed above

  • Projects and organisations which behave in a consistent
    manner with SHWF values and sustainability principles

  • One-off social/community events or fundraisers


We are generally unable to support applications from:

  • Individuals

  • Political organisations or campaigns

  • Religious organisations for religious activities

  • An organisation’s ongoing operational costs

  • Private companies or commercial entities

  • Activities which encourage the irresponsible use of alcohol

  • One-off donations to the same organisation more than once
    per year

  • Activities which are usually exclusively funded by government

  • Activities which provide a direct financial benefit to employees
    of SHWF, or contractors

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