Stockyard Hill Wind Farm is a nominal 532 MW wind farm. 

Construction of the wind farm incorporates a diverse range of activities, including manufacture, delivery and erection of 149 3.x MW wind turbine generators, bulk earthworks and internal road construction (approx. 110km), public road modifications, construction of wind turbine foundations (inclusive of concrete, reinforcing steel & hold down assemblies), trenching and laying cable for underground electrical reticulation systems, substation construction (inclusive of power transformers, switchyard, electrical protection systems, switchrooms & substation automation system), high voltage export transmission line, lattice tower meteorological monitoring masts, construction of operations facility buildings and associated consulting services (environmental, geotechnical, design).

The project will be executed via a turn key EPC (Engineer Procure Construct) carried out by Goldwind Australia Pty Ltd who will be responsible for 2 main workstreams; 1) Supply and Install of Wind Turbines, and 2) Balance of Plant or BoP (roads, on site electrical etc). The BoP workstream has been subcontracted to SNC Lavalin – WBHO (joint venture) who will in turn sub-contract out various work packages. The project is expected to be connected to the electricity grid by Q2 of 2019 with all turbines operational by the end of Q1 2020.  Work shall be carried out according to the general prequalification criteria and standards noted below.

Various minor subcontracts / suppliers

Suppliers interested in smaller work packages (<$1Million in value) should register their interest in SHWF via the Moorabool ICN gateway page. Suppliers already registered via the Moorabool page need not to do so again for SHWF.

Work packages noted on the Moorabool page are:


Bin/Skip Supply

Building contractor (operations and maintenance buildings)      

Civil construction of onsite roads, crane hardstands and foundations            

Cleaning Services

Concrete Supply

Diesel supply for machinery

Earth moving and construction equipment                      

Electrical Wholesalers

Fencing Contractors     

Fire alarm & Fire Extinguisher services & safety testing (test & tag)            

Formwork and steel fixing         

General Crane Hire       

Geotechnical Testing    

High Voltage Commissioning and safety testing 

Hire Equipment

Hospitality: Events, Functions and Catering, and Accommodation            

Household/Office Furniture and Appliance Providers     

Landscape Designers and Landscape Contractors                           

Low Voltage Electrical Works    

Moorabool Wind Farm - Any Other Opportunities          

Plumbing Works                          

Quarry Products                          


Scrap metal dealers      

Security Services

Sign writers and signage supplies            

Surveying Services        

Toilet pump out services           

Training, Occupational Health & Safety & First Aid          

Vehicle and 4X4 hire    

Waste collection and toxic substance removal  

Water carting services

Major subcontracts / suppliers

The Following Work Packages are noted on the Stockyard Hill ICN gateway for major packages of work associated with Stockyard Hill Wind Farm (>$1 Million):

Building Construction

Bulk Earthworks

Civil Construction

Concrete Supply

Cranage and Erection

Design Services

Hold Down Bolt Supply

HV and MV Electrical Equipment Supply

HV Transmission Line Construction

Logistics Services

Reinforcing Steel Supply

Trenching and Cable Laying

Wind Turbine Support Towers

Contractors and Consultants who would like to register their interests for the above key work packages and who have not already registered via the Stockyard Hill Wind Farm ICN Gateway page (which was active Q4 17 and Q1 18) contact one of the Procurement Officers whose details are provided below :

Contact details

Contact Details for Key Procurement Officers will be notified below in Due Course:

  • Stockyard Hill Wind Farm – Justin Howes - 1800 753 730 -
  • Goldwind Australia – – Andrew Monahan - 03 9912 7824 -
  • BOP Procurement - SNC Lavalin-WBHO Joint Venture -  Ronan Dunne - 03 9600 3655 -

General prequalification criteria

As noted in the Introduction section Stockyard Hill Wind Farm will be constructed 2 main workstreams; 1) Supply and Install of Wind Turbines, and 2) Balance of Plant or BoP (roads, on site electrical etc). Prior to engagement, companies will be required to complete a detailed prequalification approval according to the requirements of the hiring company.  However, all suppliers shall meet the following general requirements:

Health and Safety:

Stockyard Hill Wind Farm and is committed to ensuring a safe work environment for our workers, contractors, visitor and associated stakeholders under the management and control of SHWF and GWA as out Principal EPC Contractor.  This ongoing commitment aims to ensure as a priority the prevention and elimination of workplace injury and illness where practicable, along with the overall reduction of potential risk exposure for the community and public, where our activities may impact.  All suppliers to SHWF shall be expected to adhere strictly to Health and Safety protocols and procedures and attend all required inductions, toolbox meetings and training.


It is expected that all suppliers to the Stockyard Hill Wind Farm project must continually evaluate the quality of their performance and understand the standards against which that quality will be measured in order to comply with their obligations under their respective contracts.   Workmanship is expected to be undertaken in a professional, systematic and cost-effective manner and showcase best practice within the renewable energy market.


Stockyard Hill Wind Farm is committed to protection of the natural environment and to actively demonstrate leadership throughout the organisation to reduce the impact of our activities on the environment.  All suppliers will be expected to be familiar with and comply with the Construction Environmental Management Plan that has been approved by the Victorian Minster for the Environment for the Stockyard Hill Wind Farm project where it applies to the work that they will be performing.  

Work standards

All project work shall comply with applicable local codes and standards, including, but not limited to the relevant standards and codes of practice of the Standards Association of Australia or where relevant local standards and codes of practice do not exist the relevant standards and codes of practice of the, IEC or ISO. All suppliers shall, as part of the Contractor’s Documentation provide a list of Applicable Standards as identified by the Contractor as being relevant to the Works.

The Works shall comply with all applicable industry codes, including, but not limited to the following:

AS 1012 Methods of testing concrete    

AS 1275 Metric screw threads for fasteners       

AS 1319 Safety signs for the occupational environment

AS 1379 Specification and supply of concrete    

AS 1429.1         

AS 1470

AS 1554 Structural steel welding Set

AS 1554.3         

AS 1657 Fixed platforms, walkways, stairways and ladders - Design, construction and installation

AS 1735

AS 1768            

AS 1824            

AS 2067            

AS 2067 Substations and high voltage installations exceeding 1 kV a.c.            

AS 2865 Confined spaces           

AS 2870            

AS 3000 Electrical installations (known as the Australian/New Zealand Wiring Rules)   

AS 3008.1.1      

AS 3600            

AS 4142.3         

AS 4325.1         

AS 4702            

AS 5000.1         

AS 5100            

AS 60076          

AS 60529-2004 Degrees of Protection provided by enclosure     

AS 61000          

AS 62040 Uninterruptible power systems (UPS)

AS 62271          

AS ISO 10002-2006 Customer satisfaction - Guidelines for complaints handling in organizations

AS/ACIF Standard S009

AS/NZS 1170 Structural design actions  

AS/NZS 1768    

AS/NZS 1891 Industrial fall-arrest systems and devices  

AS/NZS 2312:2002 Guide to the protection of structural steel against atmospheric corrosion by the use of protective coatings

AS/NZS 3000 Electrical installations (known as the Australian/New Zealand Wiring Rules)  

AS/NZS 4488    

AS/NZS 4671    

AS/NZS 4671 Steel Reinforcing Materials            

AS/NZS 4672    

AS/NZS 4672 Steel Prestressing Materials          

AS/NZS 4801    

ASTM C109MAustralian Certification Authority for Reinforcing Steels Ltd (ACRS)        

DNVGL-ST-0126 (2016) Support Structures for wind turbines     

EC 61400-12-1 

ENA EN1-2006 Substation Earthing Guide          


IEC 60287                        

IEC 60287-3-2 Economic Optimisation of Power Cable Size          

IEC 61400-1 Wind Turbines

IEC 62035-3      

IEC 62305         

IEC61400-12-1 Ed 1.0

ISO 12944 Paints and varnishes - Corrosion protection of steel structures by protective paint systems Set of Standards

ISO 14001         

ISO 9000           

National Construction Code (of Australia)          

National Electricity Rules