Community Investments Funded - April 2019

Robotic vacuum - Friends of Beaufort Swimming Pool April 2018 CMYK.jpg

Friends of Beaufort Swimming Pool

We were lucky enough to receive funding through the Stockyard Hill Wind Farm Community Investment round which enabled us to purchase our very own robotic vacuum. By owning our own vacuum, we did not have to borrow from neighbouring pools which meant that we could open the pool on time and in a clean and respectable state. Thank you Stockyard Hill Wind Farm for your generous support.

Skipton FNC sponsorship web.jpg

Skipton Recreation Reserve

With the contribution from SHWF, we were able to purchase a new Mower that was light, had 4-wheel drive when needed, was reliable, comfortable for the user, and most importantly safe. Without the contribution from SHWF, we would have been unable to get improvements done for our Reserve’s capacity and help our generous volunteers.